At GetBoarded Technologies we aim to empower the world’s professionals to take control of their personal brand and become more successful. As such, we provide integrated tools to universities to help students take decisions through self-discovery and career-oriented trainings, among other platforms. Thereby, we host an annual gathering of minds around technologies and shift of the future. This initiative is designed to encourage a conversation between the corporate thought leaders, the education visionaries and the ecosystem builders, and aims to have a constructive perspective around the changing future landscape.

Mission And Values

We believe in the power of people…

We want to bring together the brightest and most diverse minds from the world's best universities together with technology and Corporate HR departments to redefine the future of work. As important as the mission, is the way we do it. We defined 3 core values that are the heart of every initiative that will happen in Alt Future.


For the last few years, we’ve seen the fastest societal transformation due to technology since it had had, for it’s majority, a positive impact in our lives. In Alt Future, we are always keen to know about the next technology and are big lovers of blockchain, NFTs, AI and everything that is the latest HR trend!


We believe that despite all the technological changes, people will always be people. People are the talent and the core of everything. Everything is done for or by people, and Alt Future is no different.


Innovation is the vehicle for evolution. More than that, innovation can happen in many forms: changing a detail, simplifying a process or adapting it to a different audience or purpose. What matters is that we always try to improve something through innovation.

What We Do

We want to shape the future of work in a better direction both through technology and talent. For that, we came up with an unique program, connected in one platform, where corporates learn to trust technology and young professionals influence the future of the work environment through active participation.


Everyone needs to learn, either if it’s a student or someone in a senior position. We specialize in giving workshops about personal branding, how to use Human Resources tools and how to integrate new technologies into your business (specially crypto!)


Everything starts with an idea. We incentivize people to develop an innovative and creative project idea capable of changing and shaping the future of work. Everyone, from any field, is welcome to submit their idea, as long as it fits into the scope.


The magic starts when ideas get out of the paper and become a reality. Call the coders, choose your dream team and let’s innovate.


The traineeship is simultaneously a pilot, in which for 3 months you can test your idea and technology in a real company, gaining experience and being able to have a positive influence.


Every year we bring together education visionaries, corporate thought leaders and ecosystem builders to discuss how emerging technologies and trends will shape and impact the future of work.

Our Results

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Shivam Dhawan

Technology Leader

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Program Coordinator

Ramji Gupta


Marta Matias

Partnerships Manager

Nataliia Rzhevska

Education Leader

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We believe that everyone should help shape a better future of work. And there's multiple ways you can do so, either you're an Individual or an Organization.

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