7 challenges to the future of work— ALT+F Hackathon (1st — 17th September)

Participate in ALT+F Hackathon, the first part of a week-long summit around emerging technologies and shifts for the future. We are encouraging a conversation between the corporate world, the education world, and the other ecosystems, such as start-up communities, technologists, and government representatives.

What is the ALT+F Hackathon?


For starters, ALT+F is not just any Hackathon you see happening! It’s more than that! It’s for the global thought leaders, for the future of people development and most importantly it’s to start a conversation among the businesses, education and the other ecosystems.

Do you believe in the power of tech for good?

Do you want to unlock the potential of human talent?

If yes, then this is something you should know more about.

ALT+F comes to take views on ongoing global challenges and discuss our future as the Corporates, Educators and Ecosystem developers see it. The discussions will be around ‘people development’ and ‘social impact’. All of this with a touch of technology and the power of creative human knowledge.

Let’s understand a bit more about ALT+F Hackathon and how you can be a part of this major event!

ALT+F: Overview

The Alternate Future Summit starts on 11th September 2021 and lasts one week till the 17th of September 2021. The summit aims at bringing together the major players involved on people development: corporate thought leaders, education visionaries and ecosystem builders.

The idea of conducting an event at such a global level is to brainstorm how emerging technologies can shape and support organizational processes and human behavior to impact work and real-life challenges.

Overview of the ALT+F Hackathon

ALT+F Hackathon: 5 reasons to attend

1. Get a platform to build tech solutions that change the world for good.

2. Work on real life projects with real life problems.

3. Network with people who think like you; build communities you would love to hang around with

4. Expose yourself to life-changing experiences with top recruiters and sponsors

5. Total winning prize is 7000$

Reasons to attend the ALT+F Hackathon

ALT+F Hackathon: Who can participate?

Are you someone who finds Human Resources interesting? Or think Education needs to be supported by tech? Or do you think Social Impact & tech are the next big thing? Then yes, you should participate!

Here’s a brief list of all those who are welcome to attend:

Ø Students and recent graduates on different fields

Ø People passionate about people development and social impact

Ø Innovators & entrepreneurs

Ø Technologists willing to leverage their tech skills in innovating and making deep social impact!

Who can participate in the ALT+F Hackathon

ALT+F Hackathon: What it involves

Step 1: Register on Taikai.

Sign-up for the Hackathon as an individual or a team member. The last date to register is 1st September.

Step 2: Time to submit your project in one of the challenges

Once you are done with the matchmaking stage and are part of a team, your next step is to submit your project. Prepare all the required deliverables and submit them through your page until the 10th.

Step 3: Pitch perfect

Set your pitch right and present it to the jury. You get 5 minutes to discuss and pitch your ideas.

Step 4: Voting begins

In this phase, from the 11th to the 16th, the jury will have tokens (blockchains of course!) to cast their vote.

Final: Winners to be announced

Winners Announcement Event — 17th September.

For each of the 7 different challenges there’s going to be a single winner. Each winning project will receive a total amount of 1000$ plus some perks offered by our partners!


ALT+F Hackathon: the challenges

1. Involvement

  • Fresh Hiring and Forecasting: fresher hiring and HR forecasting techniques typically include using past data to predict future staffing needs to opportunities. Challenges around bringing new techniques to estimate workforce planning and adoption.
  • Challenges in digitizing and transforming the processes in opportunity discovery and matching for students.

2. Inclusion

  • Corporate Culture: often, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. Challenges to identify, map and build corporate cultures for better lifestyles.
  • Corporate Diversity: We live in a complex, interconnected (and now remote) world where diversity, shaped by globalization and technological advance, forms the fabric of modern society. Bringing solutions to support, measure and promote diverse and inclusive workplaces.

3. Introspection

  • Talent Appraisal: How to create dynamic, conversational Talent Appraisal mechanisms that allow people to foster good healthy relationships at work. For many organizations, often the only feedback employees receive from a manager is once a year. Propose solutions for performance appraisal tools that inform employees of the value added by their work throughout the year.
  • Talent Intervention: many times there is no value in appraisals if the improvement actions are not taken. Present solutions on identifying interventions and PIP techniques that can help make effective strategies towards talent intervention.

4. Insight

  • Attrition Risks and Job loss: The word ‘attrition’ refers to gradual loss of employees over time. Any solution that improved employee engagement and well being can be considered. Challenges around issues of employee low job satisfaction, low compensation, disputes with colleagues and supervisors etc.
  • Career Planning: career planning is non-linear and short lived in the current fast changing times, what could be the short- and long-term career goals to set, and the actions you can take to achieve them? Devise solutions supporting career planning customized to market, interests and ambitions.

5. Innovation

  • Learning and Development: recent years have witnessed a growing interest in life-long learning (LLL) as an indispensable element of policy responses to the future of work. Develop solutions as response to concerns surrounding economic competitiveness, globalization, unemployment and theimplications they held for human capital development.
  • Succession Planning: succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles, and often the ownership of a company, to an employee or group of employees. Despite its undeniable relevance, it seems to be luxury strategy for organizations. Offer solutions that could be of great value to organizations even the ones with fewer resources available for knowledge management programs and the formal, structured development of employees.

6. Impact:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): CSR is a type of business self-regulation with the aim of being socially accountable. There is no one “right” way companies implement this. Propose solutions to quantifiably measure social impact of such activities.
  • Primary Education: solutions around primary education and learning continuity in the times of disruptions.

7. Imagination:

open proposals in the domain of people development or social impact: Education, Human Resources, Circular Economy, Social Communication, Open Sciences.

What are you waiting for? Register now and be part of the creation of the future!

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