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About Us

Adaptive Learning EXperience Manager

ALEX is a learning recommendation engine that adds additional capabilities to your learning and development programs by personalizing based on individual needs and preferences. Additionally, the organization can hyper-personalize each training path for all participating individuals with ALEX journeys while leveraging on your internal training material.


Personalized Competency Development

ALEX initiates learning recommendations based on your current development needs assessed by you and your peers. Once initial benchmark is in place the algorithm evolves with recursive feedback mechanisms allowing the learner to customize their own learning habits andproviding an effective and engaging experience using Microlearning content. This content in the training library also gets dynamically re-arranged and ranked with learner’s qualityfeedback improving the organizational knowledge base over time. By using a hyper-personalization approach to one-to-one Distributed Development in a digital-first environment, our adaptive learning models allow for efficient scale to whole of the organization while catering to each individual need.

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