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About Us

Algovera is building a platform where Data Scientists can earn income by performing data analyses, training models and building apps on top of the Ocean Protocol Data Marketplace. We connect Data Providers with Data Solvers through competitions, bounties and hackathons. Unlike existing platforms like Kaggle, we believe that Data Scientists should own what they create. Blockchain technology facilitates crypto-secured provenance in data and AI model training such that Inventors can earn royalties based on their creations. We provide resources, such as guided tutorials, for educating Data Scientists in the world of Web3 and Data Decentralized Finance (Data DeFi). We are funded through OceanDAO through Project Onshore. Our platform brings the Ocean Protocol onshore, enabling better onboarding of Data Scientists to the New Data Economy.


Democratising Access to Data

Compared with existing marketplaces, Ocean provides a number of unique advantages for Data Scientists. The Ocean Marketplace provides access to a larger number of datasets using Private AI technology, such as Federated Learning/Compute-to-Data. Furthermore, tokenizing datasets means that Data Scientists can become investors in promising new datasets.

Earn Income

We have developed a number of use cases where Data Scientists can earn an income, including supplying data, processing data, visualising and exploring data, curating and investing in high-quality datasets, training Data Science models and building Data Science apps. We want to create a world of Data Scientists who work and create value for themselves.

Own your Ideas

Typically, tech companies and universities ask you to sign a contract giving them ownership of all of your ideas and IP that you create during your employment. Competition platforms like Kaggle sometimes give cash prizes, but hand over your creations to competition sponsors. Have you ever worked for a company or in a competition and given up a great data science model? What if data scientists could become owners of what they create? With Algovera, you can maintain ownership over the data you provide and get paid for it.

Decentralize AI Governance

The centralization of AI is one of the big problems facing humanity. We believe that the power of AI should be democratized and taken away from Big Tech and state monopolies. With aim to build governance systems into the Algovera platform so that the control of AI is in the hands of many rather than a few.


Algovera's main goal is to let users earn income. Through the power of the blockchain technology, you will be able to turn your data, models and apps into assets. This decentralized technology allows everyone to participate in the new data economy.

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Our offer for you

Data Scientists are encouraged to reach out for current bounties and future competitions. We are also looking for platform testers and user feedback when our platform launches. If you are interested, please reach out to @CryptoTeuthida or @richardblythman on Twitter.

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