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The Education of Tomorrow: from Skills to Certificates

AI in Africa

At AI in Africa, we provide an enabling environment that creates awareness and removes barriers for underrepresented youth to gain entry into AI and envision their role in creating the future.

We support and encourage girls to become women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

We stimulate a mindset of entrepreneurship and innovation Support community development aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Invest in high impact training for your teams, schools, educators or community groups.

We create problem solving champions!
- Our programs are designed to inspire and enable young super citizens to design the Africa of tomorrow. We drive mindset change to make things better, ignite dreams and possibilities to make an impact!

Prototype & Technology

AI in Africa’s Mission

Enabling 1 million dream builders within 5 years! Inspired by African tech innovations, we imagine an ever-growing legion of learners, students, teachers, experts, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, communities and organizations, working together to respond to the challenges of tomorrow.

To inspire, to explore, design and build. To bridge the digital divide and cleverly use technological advancements with one common goal: To shape the future of Africa!

Join the journey

From becoming a mentor to leading a community interventions, explore the many ways you can make a difference with AI in Africa. We hope you’ll join us.

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Certtin is a convenient solution for issuing and managing digital certificates. Issuers provide recipients with secure certificates that are easy to share and instantly verifiable by third parties. This is the simplest solution to issue certificates for qualifications, attendance, volunteering, skills, employee training, verified CVs and more. Help bring value and trust to their experiences and accomplishments by turning experiences into opportunities.

Prototype & Technology

Our offer for you

ALT+F Challenge sponsors and non-profit organisations in attendance are eligible for a 100% discounted subscription for 1 year on the Start Up plan. Which includes:
- 2 Custom Templates
- Hosted Url
- Skills Wallet

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