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A DataUnion is connecting data from a crowd (individuals, corporations or both) to increase it’s combined value into a unique dataset, e.g. addressing the long-tail challenge* of AI. It’s a way of “crowdselling” with revenue distribution among its members, who stay co-owners of the connected and aggregated data. Especially to create powerful AI algorithms with the data and co-own these as well. Web 3 DataUnions use blockchain technology to secure, scale and facilitate the crowd collaboration. is one of the first working examples and provides its infrastructure and experiences as-a-service to other special interest groups.

Data union 1’s Mission

Creating markets of crowdsourced data for responsible AI training

Data union 1

Advancing Responsible AI

Providing Data Scientists best-fitting, richer and ethical datasets.

Data union 1

Supporting SDG 10: Economic inclusion and income equalities

Help reduce income inequalities by offering creators income opportunities and co-ownership in data assets

Data union 1

Using blockchain to enable seamless collaboration and ensure privacy

Applying decentral infrastructures with token-based incentive system to leverage the crowd en global scale

Our project description

This is the final app humanity needs - it gives us the ability to contribute to AI and robotics and enable humanity to profit from the data this technology needs. We want to give everyone the ability to use their data for a better future and their own profit.

Here is our new pitch deck for DataUnion services.

In our pitch deck we are describing how new data unions can be created using the DataUnion tools and methodology on top of Ocean Protocol. This enables more and more data unions to be created and join forces to develop a common stack of tools and help each other to be successful. This reduces the overhead costs for the individual data union and allows them to focus on their domain specific topics and their community instead of having to develop the same set of tools and processes again.

Data union 1

As an example data union we are building an image dataset that is created and owned by the people that contribute to it. These contributions include uploading the data, annotating it as well as verifying that the data and the annotations are correct. By doing this the contributors are motivated to contribute highest quality content as they will be rewarded with shares of the dataset they contributed to. We are baking this slowly and release the features separately to have the maximal amount of feedback from our community. So this covers the creation part of the project. But to refinance this process we have to find customers. The customers can create Data Bounties to increase the incentives for the creation of specific machine learning ready images. Customers can also bring their own datasets and ask only for annotation and/or verification by the contributors. In the most important option for customers they can train algorithms on parts of the data via Ocean Protocol’s compute-to-data technology. In this way they can train object recognition algorithms without the risk of the data to leak thus the project remains in full ownership of the data. This is done via a marketplace on top of Ocean that we create and contains previews and evaluation of parts of the data (via a search engine on tags and annotations) as well as algorithms. The sale of these assets will be done via the liquidity pool of the whole dataset. So the contributors not just benefit from their contributions but also from the usage of their contributions. This creates long term incentives to maintain control over the created tokens. This project is a showcase of ownership economy based on the economy creation capabilities of Ocean Protocol.

Data union 1

As a next step on our journey we are now starting to simulate the ecosystem and individual pools. There are already VisionTherapy and SenseNation in the Ocean ecosystem that are using our advice and expertise to create their own data unions. Here we are also taking the approach to work bottom up with them and help them where they need us.

Our service offerings

Data union 1

Our team:

Data union 1

Our offer for you

1. Become part of our community of data contributors today and work on bounties on our alpha platform
2. Join us on Discord
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5. We are also actively looking for community managers, marketing experts as well as full stack programmers (blockchain experience is a big plus!).
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