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About Us

Data Whale is a start-up that is inspired by Ocean Protocol’s blockchain technology that revolutionizes the data economy. Data Whale develops a variety of tools for its stakeholders that encourage the outreach of “Data Tokens”, an emerging blockchain asset class that is backed by the world’s most valuable resource: data. If you’re excited about blockchain and think data is valuable, then we suggest you learn more about our business and see how you can get involved! Contact Moritz if you have any questions!

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Blockchain Data Tokens, what?

You’ve never ever heard of Data Tokens and have limited blockchain knowledge? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything really simple! Data Tokens are a financial investment vehicle (like shares on a stock exchange), which can be traded and also used to access data transparently via blockchain technology. Still challenging? Follow our YouTube to learn more or have a look at our website.

Our Objectives at Alternate Future

We aim to explain how Data Tokens work and highlight exciting opportunities where you can get involved in this new, decentralized data economy. Here are some videos that may be of interest to you, prior to joining the showcase. Also check out the Ocean Protocol Marketplace for Data Tokens (first of its kind!): Ocean Protocol

Our offer for you

We are looking for new talent to join the Data Whale eco-system. Please contact us on Telegram and let us know your skill! We’re looking for community managers, social media experts, blockchain developers, front-end engineers, web-designers and more!

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