How to Ace your Hackathon Demo

Nothing beats the disappointment that might come when you have spent hours building something super cool only to freeze later while showcasing your project!

There’s no denying the fact that you are already exhausted and just want everyone to like your project; you wish to finish it and get done. It’s really not an easy ball game to cut short and explain your project in a span of minutes. So, let’s give you a few good points to ace your hackathon demo!

Try these hacks to hack your hackathon! 😉


1. Time for a quick recap

Go back a few steps and remember what made you build this project. Try cutting down on details and focus more on the what and why of starting with this idea! Once you have cracked the gist of what is what, you are halfway there, making a great pitch!

Hit where it matters most! Talk about the problem you are solving and let your audience know the rest. This works but you still have to make sure that it’s crisp and complete.

2. Make it working

Any solid project idea comes with action. You need to understand that your project is all that you have to show and tell to ace this hackathon! Be brief and mention the technology you are using to build it, what’s the impact going to be, how your project will bring a change and what have you already planned.

This does not mean you present your entire idea, skip the boring part, and include actionable that matter. Refine and revisit what excites you most about this idea and show exactly that to your audience.

3. Brevity is a skill

To win this hackathon, learn this skill and you will go a long way! You need to be really brief and clear of what you are presenting. It has to be short but it also has to make sense to other people and of course to the idea you are presenting.

Don’t forget to highlight the important things your project holds and remove anything that doesn’t add up to it. Make sure you use the power of brevity and get the tone and words all set for the stage.

4. Just do it

You can keep refining your final pitch but you won’t reach a final point. So, just do it! Many hackathons may ask for your demo showcases beforehand, which may help you boost your potential reach too.

Show why this is a “hack”, what difference does it exactly make and how it will change the lives or solve the problems. Brag about the coolest tech you have used to build it and show what you learned while coming up with this idea. Be honest in telling your story and be smart in presenting it right!

5. Keep going

Hack or no hack, make sure you keep refining your project idea, building it even better after the hackathon has ended. You never know what chord you play strikes the right tone!

Have a look at Caitlin’s talk from What the Hack.



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