Raise an invoice for your ALTF winning

Raise Request invoice for your winnings

If you have been awarded in a challenge category for ALTF hackathon an OCEAN grant, please create an invoice using Team Dynamics (use this referral link to get an additional $10 in REQ tokens). Send the invoice to Maria@boarded.in.

Please follow the instructions here to set up your Request account and create your first invoice!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Allow for up to 7 days for your invoice to be paid.
The GetBoarded tax number is: PT515992640.

Each reward request must include the details below:

  • Email address
  • Invoice date
  • Your country
  • Description of your project and challenge category as the reason
  • Grant amount in (OCEAN price on the announcement day) — 1250 Ocean tokens to be divided equally amongst the team members. So say you are raising an invoice from a team of 4, each member will raise an invoice for 1250/4 = 312.5 OCEAN invoice. (sep 23rd edit — 1450/4 = 362.5)
  • Payment details — your crypto-wallet address
Please address the invoice to:
GetBoarded Technologies Lda, PCI · Creative Science Park, Aveiro Region, 3830–352 Ílhavo, Portugal. NIF/NIPC — 515992640


Team Dynamics App design
Edit: 23rd Sep

There has been a minor drop in the token price since the winner announcement/snapshot on the Summit final, 17th September. In order to help absorb any change in the token value between the time of declaration, to distribution and receipt we are adding few more tokens to each challenge winner. Since there was one challenge with no winner, we are deciding to distribute those funds to all the other winning teams. That will be 200 OCEAN tokens more for each winning team, please add this to the invoice amounts accordingly.

In case you want to draw out to your local currency right away, you can give OCEAN wallet address from any of the exchanges that allow you to trade in OCEAN — https://oceanprotocol.com/token#get

Make sure its an ETH wallet or an OCEAN address, and review the setup procedures in the previous blog post that was described after your pitch session.