The Alternate Future Summit 2021

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Anastasia Sorgo

Content Creator and
Hackathon Facilitator


Arnold Nyendwa

C.E.O/Co-Founder Venturas Jumpstart


Arijit Bhattacharyya

Founder World Leader Summit


Smriti Mishra

Head of Artificial Intelligence at Earthbanc
and AI Speaker


Valerie Forgeard

Founder & Director at Stunning Brand


Soheir Zaki Abd El-Fattah

Smart Learning Principal


Cyril Okoroigwe

CEO at RegTech Africa


Martin Sutherland

Global Director of PeopleTree


Brett Muller

COO at PeopleTree


Shareni De la Rosa Xochitiotzi

Consultant in Social Innovation, Design Lead @Impact Innovation Alliance


Ekaterina Tsaranok

Director at Modern Education & Research Institute


Nardo Manaloto

CEO / Managing Partner of Quantum Technologies


Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin

CIRI Chief Project Officer, Senior Law Lecturer, Programme Director for Master of Laws programmes

Alex Napheys

Alex Napheys

DAO Community & Growth Lead at Ocean Protocol

Alex Napheys

Thomas Kösters

Managing Director at DEEP Ecosystems


Kai Liang

Business Development Director at MEL Science


Pedro Sacramento

Global Relations at StartUP Portugal

Sofia Fernandes

Sofia Fernandes

Head of Business Development at BGI

Gayatri Rayasam

Gayatri Rayasam

Founder - The Ameliorator

Hazel Herrington

Hazel Herrington

Chief Executive Officer & Founder NameHerrington Publications Worldwide

Mustapha zaouini

Mustapha zaouini

Ceo @ Fliptin Startup Studio


Yazeed Osman

Chief Marketing Officer @ Valenture Institute


Martinho Aragão

Chief Product Officer @ Utrust


Ermia Saharkhiz

Cofounder & CEO @ Treejer


Opening Ceremony

11 Sep 2021

Shivam Dhawan
10:00 am

Founder - GetBoarded Technologies, VideoWiki

Nataliia Rzhevska
10:20 am

PhD, coordinator of international project in Innovation Training and Tech Transfer Center in Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav

ALT+F Hackathon

11-17 Sep 2021

Event Schedule

Date & Time GMT+1 (Lisbon Timezone) Event Name Details
11 Sep 2021, 06:00 AM Submission of projects ends Deadline for submit the project on TAIKA.
11 Sep 2021, 10:00 AM Opening Ceremony and Pitch sessions It's pitch time! 48H for all the teams to present their projects.
12 Sep 2021, 10:00 AM Pitch sessions It's pitch time! 48H for all the teams to present their projects.
13 Sep 2021, 12:30 PM Jury Voting Jury Voting
13-16 Sep 2021, 05:00 PM Tech Talks Tech Talks have you ever wondered how the future companies are going to look like? Stop wondering and come meet the most innovating startups, companies and ideas!
17 Sep 2021, 09:00 AM Jury Decision Jury Decision
17 Sep 2021, 10:00 AM Conference Day Conference day where you'll hear education visionaries, corporate thought leaders and ecosystem builders discussing the future, by sharing their insights and ideas on the most innovating subjects.
17 Sep 2021, 07:00 PM Global Winner Announcment Global Winner To be announced

13-16 Sep 2021

Logo Company Name Description Date Time GMT+1 (Lisbon Timezone)
DataWhale Data Whale: how Data Tokens work? 13 Sep 2021, 05:00 PM
DataUnion Creating markets of crowdsourced data for responsible AI training 13 Sep 2021, 05:20 PM
Algovera A platform where Data Scientists can earn income by performing data analyses, training models and building apps. 13 Sep 2021, 05:40 PM
CardWallet CardWallet is a Cardano first non-custodial hierarchically deterministic crypto asset wallet. 13 Sep 2021, 06:00 PM
PeopleTree Knowledge to intelligently visualize your people data and deliver quality HR services 14 Sep 2021, 05:00 PM
Certtin Certtin is a solution for issuing and managing digital certificates. 14 Sep 2021, 05:20 PM
ALEX Personalized Competency Development 14 Sep 2021, 05:40 PM
VideoWiki How can we manage Learning continuity while keeping engagement of students 15 Sep 2021, 05:00 PM
tools4edu Tutorials on collaborative platforms and video conferencing tools 15 Sep 2021, 05:20 PM
Leena Listens Business Performance Coach that helps start ups and Fashion Brands to help determine what a company stands for. 15 Sep 2021, 05:40 PM
Treejer Benefits of the blockchain technology for Climate Action. 16 Sep 2021, 05:00 PM
HOP The HOP protocol will build the three core infrastructures of distributed bandwidth, distributed storage, and distributed fog computing. 16 Sep 2021, 05:20 PM
Utrust Utrust is a seamless integration that gives e-commerce businesses the power to accept digital currencies. 16 Sep 2021, 05:40 PM

17 Sep 2021



Marta_gr Maria_gr
Marta Matias and Maria Silva
10:00 AM

Introduction to the ALT+F summit "The complete Summit"

Ekaterina Tsaranok
10:15 AM

What is more important - Ed or Tech? Introduction to Modern Education.

Arnold Nyendwa
10:35 AM

How to become an innovator from a traditional education model?

Nataliia Rheskava
11:00 AM

Panel - The ultimate engagement – Is AR VR the answer? With Soheir Zaki and Kai Liang

Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin
11:30 AM

AI vs You: Learning to learn with technology while technology learns to learn

Hazel Herrington
12:00 AM

Distance Learning Challenges and Solutions

Winners of Challenges 1 and 6 - Pitch
12:10 PM

17 Sep 2021



Brett Mulder
02:00 PM

Corporate Kick-off - Future of Work (definitions)

Gayatri Rayasam
02:15 PM

Will robots replace humans? How a 16 year old girl views the future

Martin Sutherland
02:30 PM

People Development in modern day corporations

Rolf Van Haren
Rolf Van Haren
03:00 PM

What AI can do for your locked talent ? - Author meaningfull organisations

Valerie Forgeard
03:30 PM

21st Century Branding: where personal brands aggregate to corporate brands.

Arijit Bhattacharyya
04:00 PM

Is AI Anti-Human and Blockchain Anti-Climate? Do they align with UN SDGs? Smriti Mishra (Earthbanc) and Ermia (Treejer)

Maria_gr Maria_gr
Winners of Challenges 2, 3 and 4 – Pitch
04:30 PM

17 Sep 2021



Sofia Fernandes
05:00 PM 

Introduction to the Ecosystems – Definition, Actors and How to Build or Join

05:20 PM

Panel – Ecosystems in the Real World

06:00 PM 

Panel - Role of emerging technology in ecosystem development

Martinho Aragão
06:30 PM 

Panel - Ecosystem in the Virtual World – Do borders even matter?

Discussion between OCEAN Protocol Ecosystem and Cardano Ecosystem

Winners of Challenges 5 and 7 – Pitch
07:00 PM 

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