About Us

Tools4Edu is a teaching and learning online platform, encouraging lifelong learning development among stakeholders in the education system.

The project was created in March 2020, in a pandemic context, to respond to the needs of teachers, students and parents in adapting to online and hybrid teaching. After the initial lockdown, the project evolved to assist teachers to best adapt to a fast-changing schooling environment going through meaningful transformations.

We strive to promote a supportive community and environment that fosters sharing of successful cases, trends and best practices.


Prototype & Technology

Over the last year and a half, our group of volunteers has been creating numerous resources, which you can find on our page and social networks:

    1. - Tutorials on collaborative platforms and video conferencing tools
      - Webinars on digital tools for online and offline teaching
      - Interviews with education professionals in a friendly environment
      - A conference on education, reflecting on pressing topics in education
      - Tools4Edu Community on Facebook, a sharing and mutual help group between teachers and other elements of the educational community
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    We regularly poll our community to listen to them. Is there any content you'd like to see covered? Or great projects that you think we should share? Would you like to streamline a webinar or propose a topic for a roundtable? Get in touch!