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What is the Trainees Program

It's a global traineeship with the duration of four months. Usually starts around march and ends with The Alternate Future Summit.
This programme its defined by a set of trainings in personal development and social impact - in general, related to human resources and education. Furthermore, we also aim to develop technical competencies by developing team projects in those areas. Every team should be formed with different areas of study - for example, a combination of tech and social sciences.

Training Streams

Below are the areas the trainees can choose for their projects. The aim is to empower them by developing their own skills and improving the current Work and Education landscape with fresh new ideas.

1. Involvement

    • Fresh Hiring and Forecasting

    • Fresher hiring and HR forecasting techniques typically include using past data to predict future staffing needs to opportunities. Build solutions that can use surveys, benchmarking and modeling techniques to estimate workforce staffing numbers. You may offer solutions in mapping opportunities.
    • Opportunity Planning

    • University career fairs are going online, internships are run remotely, and the government is rolling out wage and training subsidies to hire locals. Offer solutions to digitize and transform the processes in Opportunity discovery and matching.

2. Inclusion

    • Corporate Culture

    • Often, corporate culture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. Solutions to identify, map and align corporate culture with organizational goals.
    • Corporate Diversity

    • We live in a complex, interconnected world where diversity, shaped by globalization and technological advance, forms the fabric of modern society. Solutions to support, measure and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

3. Introspection

    • Talent Appraisal

    • Many organizations use the annual performance appraisal as a tool to inform employees of the value added by their work throughout the year. Often this is the only feedback employees receive from a manager all year. Propose Solutions to a dynamic, conversational Talent Appraisal mechanism.
    • Talent Intervention

    • Many times there is no value in appraisals if the improvement actions are not taken. Present solutions on identifying interventions and PIP techniques that can help make effective strategies towards talent intervention.

4. Insight

    • Attrition Risks

    • Some of the reasons that are creating attrition risk issues are job hopping, employee low job satisfaction, low compensation, disputes with colleagues and supervisors etc. The word 'attrition' refers to gradual loss of employees over time. Any solution that improved employee engagement and well being can be considered.
    • Career Planning

    • Career planning is non-linear and short lived in the current fast changing times, wjhat could be the short- and long-term career goals to set, and the actions you can take to achieve them? Devise solutions supporting career planning customized to market, interests and ambitions.

5. Innovation

    • Learning and Development

    • Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in life-long learning (LLL) as an indispensable element of policy responses to the future of work. Develop solutions as response to concerns surrounding economic competitiveness, globalization, unemployment and the implications they held for human capital development.
    • Succession Planning

    • Succession planning seems to be luxury strategy for organizations. Offer Solutions that could be of great value to organizations even the ones with fewer resources available for knowledge management programs and the formal, structured development of employees.

6. Impact

    • CSR

    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of business self-regulation with the aim of being socially accountable. There is no one "right" way companies implement this. Propose solutions to quantifiably measure social impact of such activities.
    • Primary Education

    • Solutions around primary education and learning continuity in the times of disruptions.

7. Imagination

    • People Development and Well Being

    • Open proposals in the domain of people development or social impact: Education, HR, Circular Economy, Social Communication, Open Sciences.
    • Social Impact

    • Open proposals in the domain of people development or social impact: Education, HR, Circular Economy, Social Communication, Open Sciences.


If you have tech skills great! If not, just find the right team to fit your current skills.
Just find a team that would benefit from that.
Yes, of course.
One should look for diversity. Get someone who's going to benefit from your particular set of skills.
You can create your own team. Just keep in mind the combination of skills from everyone.
Not really. Though, practical experience can always come in handy.
As soon as you are registered in our Trello Board you can start creating or joining teams.
By initiative. Join our Trello Board and start asking questions (there or via our group at Telegram) - for example, look for someone with a particular set of skills, or offer your own skills to someone.. things will happen from there. :)
You can always ask assistance from us, though you should demonstrate initiative. Maybe you could ask who's going to benefit from your particular set of skills and go on from there...?
Every intern should be in our Telegram Group, just ask questions there - someone will answer you :)
As soon as the team is complete.
You should work full-time, but spend how many hours you need for the project. You are evaluated in three categories: Attention, Contribution and Focus.
Sure. Always invest in yourself!
Respect each other's privacy! We don't mind forming friendships here, but mutual respect is very important. Do not start chatting with anyone just because you have access to their contacts. (any communication being flagged will be a straight ground for termination of your internship)
Your contributions will be recorded and they will be the basis for a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) - so put your efforts and show exceptional talent to be 'recommended'.