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About Us

Treejer is an open protocol connecting funders to rural tree planters worldwide. Trees are dynamic NFTs connecteed to real, traceable trees, planted in strategic locations to secure a high social and environmental impact. For our beta launch, we are creating a genesis collection of the first 10k trees, planted in 10 countries through LatAm, Africa and Middle East.

Project goals and alignment with the SDGs

Our approach in reforestation and afforestation is sustainable, inclusive and community-based. We are exploring new ways to maximize impact and transparency. By doing so, we will be addressing many of the SDGs. Treejer protocol tackles directly the following: no povety, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infraestructure, reduced inequalities, climate action and life on land.

Prototype & Technology

We are creating ways that enable collaboration, connect rural communities to potential funders and generate oportunities for rural communities to lead their own forest projets. DeFi and smart contracts enable a transparent approach in forest finance that can benefit tree planters even in unbanked areas of our planet. Unlike many projects that focus on only planting trees, Treejer uses smart contracts and other incentive design tools to shift the focus to sustaining trees after plantation. In addition, NFTs bring unprecedented story-telling opportunities for rural communities and help funders claim credits for their impact. Now funders can own a digital representation of every tree they fund as a NFT. It provides them with some additional benefits both from Treejer and other platforms interested in rewarding them.

Our offer for you

Soon you will be able to start collecting Genesis Trees! Stay tuned to our updates on:

1. Our discord channel.
2. Follow us on twitter to get to know all the news.
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4. And check, join and engage in our discuss channel.

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